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Pedaling Towards Progress: Tarlac Women Find Empowerment on Wheels

In the heart of Tarlac, a province known for its vast rice and sugarcane plantations, lies a small rural village where Angela, a young mother, begins her day before the crack of dawn. With three young children to feed and a husband struggling to make ends meet, Maria Angela carries the weight of responsibility on her shoulders. For years, she has fought tirelessly to provide for her family, cleaning houses, selling snacks, and peddling goods on an old, heavy bicycle that she must pull with all her might. Despite her backbreaking efforts, the income is meager, barely enough to put food on the table. The cycle of poverty seems inescapable, threatening to crush her spirit.

Pastor Michael Sico, the pastor of Jesus Christ’s Glory Revealed International Christian Ministries Inc., witnesses firsthand the struggles faced by his community. “One of the challenges to livelihood that our community faces is the lack of sufficient financial capital,” he shares. “Our barangay lacks support, especially for ordinary citizens who want to improve their lives.”

Determined to make a difference, Pastor Michael reaches out to Pure Bayanihan, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating sustainable livelihoods and eradicating poverty. Together, they learn of Angela’s plight and see in her a resilience and determination that inspire them to take action.

With the support of Pure Bayanihan and Pastor Michael’s advocacy, Angela’s life begins to transform. The organization provides her with a new bicycle, lighter and more efficient than her old one, and offers her capital to expand her business, enabling her to sell a wider variety of goods. Suddenly, the impossible seems within reach.

“Now I can sell more goods, thanks to the capital from Pure Bayanihan,” Maria Angela shares, her eyes glistening with gratitude. “I sell these using the new bicycle they gave, which is lighter and better than what I used before. I don’t have as much difficulty now, and I can reach farther to sell.”

Angela’s story is just one of many that Pure Bayanihan and Pastor Michael have helped rewrite. Across the rural communities of Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, and Pangasinan, where poverty incidence remains high, the organization is empowering underprivileged families through sustainable livelihood projects. From vegetable farming to sari-sari stores, rolling stores with bicycles and sidecars to vulcanizing shops, Pure Bayanihan is providing the tools and resources needed to break free from the shackles of poverty.

Leni Ferrer, a 32-year-old former fruit vendor, is another shining example of the impact Pure Bayanihan has made. With the bicycle provided by the project, Leni can now sell eggs and vegetables daily, greatly supporting her family. “Thank you for the capital from Pure Bayanihan,” she says with a smile. “Here I am now, selling eggs and vegetables. I earn daily for our needs. I sell these in our barangay using the bicycle given by Pure Bayanihan. This is a huge help for our family.”

The stories of Angela and Leni are a testament to the power of sustainable livelihood solutions and the importance of local advocates like Pastor Michael. By providing the necessary tools, resources, and support, Pure Bayanihan is not only improving individual lives but also fostering community resilience and empowerment. The ripple effect of their work is felt throughout the villages, as families gain the means to lift themselves out of poverty and build a brighter future for their children.

But the work is far from over. There are countless more families yearning for the opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty. Pure Bayanihan and local champions like Pastor Michael cannot do it alone. They need the support of compassionate individuals who believe in the power of sustainable change.

Together, we can rewrite the stories of poverty and hardship into tales of triumph and empowerment. Donate to Pure Bayanihan today and be part of this transformative journey. Your generosity has the power to change lives, one sustainable livelihood at a time.

Pure Bayanihan helps eradicate the cycle of poverty in the Philippines by partnering with local communities to craft unique solutions that work best for them while doing so in the most financially responsible way possible.

Pure Bayanihan is the flagship initiative of the Pure Incubation Foundation.

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