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From Corporate to Non‑Profit

Leveraging Business Acumen to Combat Poverty

Our Story

After 25 years of building award‑winning companies through Pure Incubation Ventures, an Inc 5000 10x award winner, creating 1,000+ global jobs and celebrating success, we now aim to use our expertise, vast networks and resources to build successful communities and make a difference in the world.

Amplifying Impact through Business Best Practices

At Pure Bayanihan, we use our vast business expertise to make donations go further and make a lasting impact, all in the most financially efficient and responsible way possible.

Why the Philippines

Prior to establishing Pure Bayanihan, some of the founders and directors were involved in a company that managed a significant subsidiary in the Philippines, overseeing a dedicated team of 1,000 individuals. This experience provided them with a deep understanding of the local culture, laws, and community, allowing them to establish valuable connections. 

It also offered a firsthand view of the challenges faced by underprivileged communities in the Philippines, and at the same time, allowed them to witness their potential to rise above adversity. Inspired to make a difference, this is where they knew they would begin.

Partnering with other non-profits to increase impact

We believe in sharing all of our learnings with other nonprofits. Eradicating poverty is something that we can’t do alone. 

In that spirit, we freely make available our Bayanihan Playbook of best practices to other non-profits around the globe.

About the Founder

Barry Harrigan, the founder of Pure Bayanihan, opens up about the deep-rooted reasons that compelled him to launch a charitable organization after working in the business world for over 40 years. 
With genuine passion, he reveals his profound dreams of making a positive difference on a global scale. Tune in to learn about his work and mission to generate 1 million livelihoods to lift people out of poverty.

Our Team

Barry Harrigan
George D’Errico
Cara Smith
Executive Director
Melissa Chang
Jeff Fronzak
Lourdes Rances

Director – Philippines

Cheng San Pedro

Director – Philippines

Hanna Suarez

Director – Philippines

Ixie Torres

Director – Philippines

Davie Mateo

Director – Philippines

Christina Cantor

Director – Philippines

Photo of Jannah Endrina - Project Associate of Pure Bayanihan

Jannah Endrina

Project Associate

Bayanihan Corporate Partners

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Make a Difference with Us

Because our board and other generous donors pay for all administrative costs, 100% of your donation goes to the fight against poverty.

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