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Our Approach

Uplifting Lives Through Livelihood

We believe in helping communities build their own paths to a sustainable future. 

We understand that the roots of poverty are complex, which is why we take a comprehensive approach: listening, learning and adapting with the communities we work with to develop strategies that meet their unique needs. Here’s how we make a difference:

Agricultural programs

We provide tailored solutions designed to boost agricultural productivity and income in rural communities. 


We help ignite the entrepreneurial spirit to boost local economies and foster self-sufficiency.

Livelihood tools and resources​

We build wells to aid villages and install pumps for farm irrigation, contributing to enhanced crop growth in agricultural communities.

Educational and vocational programs​

We support struggling students to finish their education and empower individuals with the skills needed for employment and entrepreneurship. 

Our 3-Tiered Approach to Fight Poverty

  • 1(1)

    Empowering Parents with Sustainable Livelihood

    We begin by empowering parents with the tools for sustainable employment, such as skill development and job training. As parents achieve financial stability, it reduces their reliance on children for income, supporting their educational goals.
  • 2(1)

    Liberating Children Through Education

    Our second tier focuses on education as the key to freeing children from poverty, addressing obstacles to their schooling by providing essential supplies, meals, and transport. We help address the hurdles that keep a child from learning, enabling them to focus on their studies and unlock new opportunities.
  • 3(1)

    Fostering Community Support and Collaboration

    Our final tier involves working with governments, nonprofits, and residents to promote sustainable community growth. We engage in projects that serve the community collectively, through efforts like water projects, community gardening, or cooperatives.

Fighting Poverty, Starting with the Philippines

Over 700 million people are living in extreme poverty, subsisting on less than $1.90 a day (World Bank).

This is why the importance of sustainable livelihoods cannot be overstated. These livelihoods open doors for communities, helping them become more productive, earn more and improve their living standards.

By prioritizing sustainable livelihoods, we can address the immediate needs of the world’s poorest while laying the groundwork for a more equitable and sustainable future for generations to come. 

Our mission begins in the Philippines, and we aim to expand our initiatives globally, fostering community resilience and empowerment across the world. 

Our Model of Success

Partner Advocates

A network of trusted colleagues who nominate community partners and act as liaisons between them and the foundation. Partner advocates make sure we’re working together smoothly, bringing our projects to life in the best way possible.

Community Partners

The trusted and respected figures within the communities we serve. Whether they’re educators, healthcare workers, or spiritual leaders, their deep knowledge and commitment to their communities guide our efforts, ensuring they’re tailored to truly make a difference.


At the heart of our mission are the individuals and families who directly benefit from our projects. Inspired by the bayanihan spirit, we encourage them to extend their support to others, creating a cycle of support and upliftment.

Our Unique Network of Volunteers

With more than ten years of successfully working with our colleagues in the Philippines, we’ve built a strong network of local volunteers.

Our team comprises seasoned leaders and mobilizers in the Philippines, boasting years of on-ground experience working with communities. 

We collaborate closely with local leaders to understand the unique characteristics and challenges of the people we serve, and tailor solutions that best suit their needs. Our partners not only enable us to make a profound impact but also ensure we do so with exceptional financial efficiency. 

This unique model serves as the cornerstone of our global approach. 

Bayanihan Corporate Partners

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Make a Difference with Us

Because our board and other generous donors pay for all administrative costs, 100% of your donation goes to the fight against poverty.

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