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Be a Bayanihan Business Partner

We are proud to have many corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs who are committed to our mission of uplifting their fellow man by donating a percent of their yearly
profits to Pure Bayanihan.

Our Bayanihan Businesses seek to make the world a better place by lifting up those around and by sharing a small percentage of their success to those who are seeking to lift themselves.

Becoming a Bayanihan business is a powerful movement of goodwill and speaks to the company values of the founders and the executives that lead these firms.

Maximizing Impact

Pure Bayanihan’s fiscal discipline and operational efficiency align with principles of a “no waste, maximum impact” approach to business and philanthropy. Independently audited and transparently sharing financials, Pure Bayanihan ensures maximum impact for every dollar donated.

By adhering to rigorous standards of financial accountability, Pure Bayanihan believes businesses and charities alike must prioritize responsible stewardship of resources to drive sustainable positive change.

Our unique methodology maximizes donations for measurable results. Applying business principles of efficiency, measurability, and scalability, support our mission to create one million livelihoods.

Together, we demonstrate business success principles as a powerful force for social good.

Pure bayanihan’s impact


Communities reached


Livelihoods created


individuals touched

Become a Bayanihan Corporate Sponsor

Corporate sponsorship levels:
a percent of yearly profits

Becoming a Bayanihan Business is a powerful movement of goodwill and reflects the core values of the founders and executives who lead these firms.

Join the Movement

If you have a business and would like to become a Bayanihan Business, please contact us at info@purebayanihan.org and we will tell you more about what it means to be a Bayanihan business.  

Together we can create livelihoods and spread our movement throughout the globe.

Bayanihan Corporate Partners

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