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Hope Rises in Aurora: Building a Dorm for Students from Remote Town of Sitio Kalapnit

The Project

In the rugged terrains of Sitio Kalapnit in Aurora, Philippines, the journey to education—and a better life—is a rough one. Students face a daunting daily commute, crossing rivers and navigating steep hills, a trip that challenges even the most determined.

Meet Pastor Freddy Dukha, a community leader and volunteer who understands the struggles of these students and their families. He opened his small home, transforming it into a sanctuary where young learners can stay during school days. This act of kindness not only shortens their journey but also shelters their dreams.

However, it is far from a comfortable stay, for both Pastor Freddy and the students. The good pastor even had to give up using his bed just so the students could have a place to sleep.

When Pure Bayanihan heard about it, we partnered with Pastor Freddy on a remarkable Sitio Kalapnit community project: building a dormitory, establishing a motorcycle taxi service, and starting a rice business. These endeavors aim to ease access to education and sustain its support, shifting the narrative from hardship to hope and opportunity.

This video is more than a narrative of challenges; it’s a celebration of community spirit, a testament to how Bayanihan can transform lives.

Watch to see how hope arose in Sitio Kalapnit.

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