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Creating sustainable livelihoods for communities living in poverty

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1 million livelihoods to end poverty

We believe that sustainable livelihoods are key to overcoming the deep-rooted challenges of poverty.
And we’ve seen the transformation these opportunities bring to the communities we engage with.

This is why we are committed to creating 1 million sustainable livelihoods in the Philippines, the U.S. and beyond.

We embody the bayanihan spirit of communal support, joining hands with communities to foster sustainability and self-reliance, all while maintaining financial integrity.

Be part of this transformative journey and make a lasting difference.
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Transforming lives one community at a time

We’re dedicated to lifting communities out of poverty by weaving together livelihood opportunities, resources and education, leading individuals on an empowering journey from poverty to self-sufficiency.

Agricultural programs

We provide tailored solutions designed to boost agricultural productivity and income in rural communities. 


We help ignite the entrepreneurial spirit to boost local economies and foster self-sufficiency.

Livelihood tools and resources

We equip communities with essential tools and resources to develop sustainable livelihoods and enhance economic stability.

Educational and vocational programs

We empower individuals with the skills needed for employment and entrepreneurship for personal advancement and community development.

Solar power projects

We build wells to aid villages and install pumps for farm irrigation, contributing to enhanced crop growth in agricultural communities.

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What is Bayanihan?

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In the Philippines, the word Bayanihan carries great significance. It’s an old house-moving tradition where a group of men lift a house on their shoulders to relocate a neighbor to somewhere safer after a big storm. This is all done, expecting nothing in return.
It is this spirit that inspires us to lift up those around us.

Bayanihan Corporate Partners

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Make a Difference with Us

With our board and generous donors covering operational costs, 100% of your donation goes to creating programs that support the fight against poverty.

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