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Nurturing Dreams in Sitio Kalapnit: Building Hope Through Education and Community Support

Nestled amid the majestic Aurora mountains, lies Sitio Kalapnit, a captivating and quaint village. This hidden gem is a haven of natural beauty, boasting a remote and picturesque location in the heart of the Philippines. Sitio Kalapnit’s community faces its share of challenges despite its breathtaking surroundings. Most notably, the absence of a high school poses a marked obstacle for the children, hindering their dreams and future. With the nearest high school four hours away down a dangerous unpaved road, it is an impractical and unsafe journey for these young people, leaving them with little chance to learn and improve their life. 

The village is connected to the lowlands by a road, but it remains unpaved, becoming impassable during the rainy season. Transportation poses a significant challenge for these families. This road further complicates the opportunity to advance to secondary school, with only a primary school available in the mountain village. The students, therefore, must travel to the faraway city to pursue a high school and college education. The children have two choices: to endure a grueling four-hour walk each way or miss school. Our team, for example, experienced a 1-1.5 hour ride by kolong-kolong motorcycle to reach the community, highlighting the extensive effort needed for simple access.

This complex situation and a potential solution were brought to our attention by a local advocate for Pure Bayanihan. This advocate and ally of Pure Bayanihan introduced us to a local hero, Pastor Fred, a revered leader in the community whose heart brims with compassion. Living closer to the distant high school in a modest one-room cement home, he has opened his doors to 24 students from the village. He has taken the initiative to care for these students during the week, providing them shelter in his modest home, even though it requires him to sleep outside in a hammock. His unwavering support aims to uplift the students and empower them to improve their lives, transcending the barriers they face. While he does not have beds or desks for the students, and they sleep on thin floor mats, these resilient children are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend high school. We welcome you to our promising new project: Children with Dreams – in Sitio Kalapnit

Ultimately, Pastor Fred and the Sitio Kalapnit community were formally nominated for this project by one of our advocate volunteers. They expressed an urgent need for resources, including bunk beds, mattresses, a few laptops, solar panels, and the construction of a new one-room dormitory to accommodate boys and girls separately. Surprisingly, the total cost for these essentials amounts to just $4000. In an unexpected turn of events, Pastor Fred generously offered to oversee the construction of the dormitory if we fulfill the necessary materials. This collaborative effort saves costs and ensures a financially efficient project. We aim to raise funds for this impactful initiative to provide a path to higher education and a brighter future for the children, parents, and community. 

Pure Bayanihan helps eradicate the cycle of poverty in the Philippines by partnering with local communities to craft unique solutions that work best for them while doing so in the most financially responsible way possible.

Pure Bayanihan is the flagship initiative of the Pure Incubation Foundation.

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