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Darkness to Light: Solar Panels and Lamps for a Place Deprived of Electricity

The Project

In humble Sitio Pulo, life for the community is an unceasing challenge. They live in makeshift homes built from scraps, and deal with virtually perpetual darkness because they have no electricity. Kids hurry to do their homework before it’s too dark, relying on dim, sometimes risky gas lamps. The flame not only strains their eyes but constantly threatens to plunge their makeshift homes into disaster.

But there’s hope. Thanks to your support and the leadership of local volunteers, Pure Bayanihan brought a solution to the families in Sitio Pulo: solar panels and lamps for the households that need them most. Now, families can enjoy brighter nights, and kids can study without rushing.

Watch the video to see how even the smallest hope can spark powerful transformations.

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Our goal is to eradicate poverty by creating sustainable solutions and empowering the communities we work with to live better lives.
Because our board and other generous donors pay for all administrative costs, 100% of your donation goes to the fight against poverty.
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