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Empowering a Fishing Community to Earn through a Dried Fish Business

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As their boat reaches the shore, Felisis Espina Jr. wipes the sweat from his brow.

The sun is starting to rise, and they have just finished another night of fishing.

He rubs his eyes quickly, his vision getting more blurred than yesterday. Exhaustion weighs heavily on his body after working all night. But there’s still more work to be done. 

As they reach the shore, they haul in their catch: 12 kilograms of squid. This could sell for 5,000 pesos (around $90).

Felisis sighs in exasperation. The trip itself had already cost them 6,000 pesos (around $107). They worked hard, only to end up with a loss. 

This is a recurring struggle for the fishermen of Guibwad, Bantayan Island. While tourists admire the island’s stunning beaches, they remain unaware of the challenges faced by the local fishing community. Fishing is no easy task, especially when you rely on it as a means of survival. The weather is unpredictable, and the cost of fuel keeps rising, causing their profits to dwindle. The weight of responsibility rests on the fishermen’s shoulders, as they not only provide for their families but also sustain their community. It was a weight each of them had to carry alone until Pure Bayanihan came.

On the shore, the fishermen’s wives and other women from the community eagerly await. 

Through a dried fish business brought to life by Pure Bayanihan and the Guibwad Association, the women of the community can now purchase the fishermen’s catch at fair prices and earn extra income for their families. The dried fish business not only supports their families but also strengthens the entire fishing ecosystem, benefiting other fishermen and the local economy. For Felisis, this newfound opportunity has been life-changing. He no longer carries the burden of uncertain fishing yields alone.

The waves of change are in motion, and with each passing tide, the fishing communities find strength, unity, and a new horizon of possibilities.

You, too, can take part in this wave. Join us and make a difference.

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Our goal is to eradicate poverty by creating sustainable solutions and empowering the communities we work with to live better lives.
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