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Harvesting Hope: Empowering the Kangkong Farmers of Iloilo

The Project

In Sitio Camile in Ilo-ilo, kangkong farmers face a daily battle for survival. They labor tirelessly in their fields, cultivating water spinach, only to see the fruits of their labor undervalued due to the grip of middlemen. This situation often leads to despair, particularly since they are the main contributors to a family income that scarcely suffices for their basic needs.

Pure Bayanihan stepped in to change this. By providing the farmers with a vehicle, we’ve helped them sell their produce directly to markets, earning what they truly deserve. This intervention has done more than just increase their income; it has instilled a sense of pride and opened up a path to a sustainable future. Now, these farmers are not just growers of kangkong; they are entrepreneurs charting a new course for their families.

Watch our video to see how empowerment can transform lives.

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Our goal is to eradicate poverty by creating sustainable solutions and empowering the communities we work with to live better lives.
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