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Inspiring Hope and Breaking the Chains of Poverty: Rom Blanco’s Story

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“If I stop here, if I stop now, I won’t drown in the river. I will drown in poverty.”

Romnick Blanco cannot help but smile as he remembers these words. They were his thoughts years ago on an unexpectedly flooded day when he came close to drowning in the river.

He used to cross a dangerous river every day to go to school, enduring a four-hour walk under the scorching sun.

But now, he proudly stands before his graduate class at Harvard, accepting his diploma. All his past hardships seem so distant now.

As he looks at his loved ones, he sees their eyes beaming with gratitude and pride.

Who would have thought that the son of a farmer could receive a full scholarship to one of the world’s most prestigious institutions?

As he bows and exits the stage, he continues to reminisce. His journey has been an amazing story navigated through faith. 

When Rom was in Grade 6, a program called the Child Sponsorship Program by the Green Earth Heritage Foundation came to his community in San Miguel, Bulacan to help students like him. 

With the help of Green Earth Heritage, Rom applied to 10 universities and got accepted by four, ultimately choosing Harvard. His family is filled with joy and gratitude.

Inspired by his own journey, Rom now shares his story with other students facing similar challenges. In the summer of 2022, he had the opportunity to inspire and uplift many students and their parents through Pure Bayanihan

His story resonated with students like Ecko, Jasmine, and Raden, who drew strength from his experiences and realized that their dreams were within reach no matter the circumstances.

Rom passionately shared, “Let’s not hesitate to dream big for ourselves.”

Join us in supporting young Filipinos who dream of a future free from poverty. Together, we can create a world where dreams have no limits.

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