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Nego Bike Carts Drive Fresh Opportunities for Street Vendors

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As Juanito Cortez watched his house burn down, disbelief washed over him.

In an instant, everything he had worked hard for was reduced to ashes.

Juanito wasn’t wealthy. Like many in his community in San Manuel, Pangasinan, he struggled daily to make ends meet.

As a street vendor, he faced the constant uncertainty of securing their next meal and the relentless pursuit of sustaining a livelihood.

After the fire, his family was left with nothing. All the possessions that could have helped them start over were gone.

But their situation was about to change.

Pure Bayanihan, in partnership with a local police organization in their community, recognized the significant role street vendors play in the Philippine economy and their vulnerability to poverty.

Their solution was to provide negosyo carts or business carts to these vendors, which they called Nego Bike Carts.

The idea struck a chord with Juanito and his fellow recipients of the carts. He could already see himself traversing the streets, offering his products to more customers.

He hopes that this opportunity will enable him to expand his small business and add more products to sell.

When Juanito laid eyes on his Nego cart for the first time, a whirlwind of emotions engulfed him. After all, it was more than just a cart; it symbolized a path to a brighter future. The burden of his family’s future, once carried solely on his shoulders, was now shared with his community and those who had nominated him for this livelihood. With a grateful heart, Juanito committed to making the most of this newfound opportunity.

Join us in lightening the burden for people like Juanito and his fellow street vendors. Be part of our mission at Pure Bayanihan.

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