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The Fight for Education and a Better Life – The Story of Ecko Royo

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Ecko is no stranger to waking up early in the morning. For as long as he can remember, he has been a working student.

He rises up early and runs out to the field to scavenge anything he can find. What other people may consider trash, he treats as treasure: bottles, plastics, metals, and defective appliances. If his find is not enough, he goes door-to-door to ask for junk that he may buy and sell. He does all this so he will earn a few pesos as allowance for school.

This has been his routine for years. He carries the burden of a breadwinner for his family, when he ought to be a child.

Amidst the trials, Ecko dreams big. His vision is to own a house and lot, have a stable job, and become a Pastor.

Now, these dreams are nearer to him than before.

Early in the morning, instead of running to the field for scraps, Ecko walks to their backyard. The happy singing of chicks greets him. He takes a moment to wish them a good morning, as he proceeds to feed them. Afterwards, Ecko gets ready for school. His parents proudly send him off, a hope of a brighter future now more real for their son. Their family has come a long way, thanks to the help of Pure Bayanihan.

In the past, Pure Bayanihan has given them capital for selling vegetables and food items. When a storm left their stock rotten and Ecko’s father became sick, Pure Bayanihan was quick to determine how they could help.

This is where their backyard poultry business started. 

Within just 45 days, the chicks grow into chickens, which they can sell to keep the business growing. With this financial stability, Ecko is now able to focus on his studies. His burden has lightened.

Join us, and help carry the burden of other families in need.

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Our goal is to eradicate poverty by creating sustainable solutions and empowering the communities we work with to live better lives.
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