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The Story of the Fried Spring Rolls and the Relentless Students from Northern Samar

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In Eastern Visayas, where many families can barely afford school, a beautiful story of hope is unfolding. The Sinag Cart initiative, a partnership between Pure Bayanihan and Sinag ng Hilaga, is transforming the simple lumpia into a symbol of education and empowerment.

Meet Jonalyn, Maria Fe, Alyssa, and Jhessen. They’re not just any students; they’re brave souls fighting to keep their dreams alive in one of the Philippines’ toughest regions. With every “Lumpiang Sinag” they sell, they’re inching closer to their dreams of finishing college, funded one roll at a time.

At the heart of their journey is Pastor Peter, a guiding light who opened his home and heart to these young dreamers, showing the world what can happen when compassion meets action. His unwavering support has been a cornerstone, enabling Jhessen and others to strive for more than they ever thought possible.

This story is a testament to grit, community, and the power of collective action. A small idea like selling lumpia is sparking significant change, allowing students to stay in school and aim for futures once deemed unreachable.

This isn’t just a narrative; it’s an invitation to be part of a larger movement towards hope and transformation. By supporting students and initiatives like these, you’re not just changing lives; you’re weaving into the fabric of a brighter tomorrow.

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